New Life

by Positronic

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New Life 05:22
A brand-new life is now beginning As I look away from things that are ending The day is bright and I am grinning I sing a new song A brand-new song This is the hour, and this is our Last chance to make things right To fix us now, and we’ll learn how Yeah, we just might Chorus It’s on the rise There are no more lies A New Life Soon, we will see We’ll be free Bring me a new life Let it be Bring to me a new life Here comes a new life The time has come It is tomorrow I will lead and hope you will follow We have a hope that casts no shadow There is a new song, a brand new song This is the hour and this is our Time to make things right To fix us now and we’ll learn how Yeah, we just might (Chorus) Shining through the veil of darkness We can see that we will be free Fighting for our hope that comes With a New Life It’s all we see
So tired You know how hard I’ve tried I though that I did Everything right But what will happen now Will we survive Who will come and save us now In the dead of night (chorus) I’ll keep reaching for you and I Won’t give up now I’ll keep fighting for us And our world full of love I can’t do this You know how hard I’ve tried I thought that I did Everything right Now it’s come And fallen apart I though that you knew You were, oh you were my heart (chorus) And darker days are on the rise If we hold onto love We might just win the prize (chorus)
Someday 04:03
Life has a way sometimes Of catching you by surprise If you’re not looking out Troubles will arise And when you don’t lean on me And go your own way You find out how far you can go Your path will lead you back to me again someday (chorus) Someday soon I’ll be holding your hand And I’ll be holding on as tight as I can All the lies that we’ve told they will soon fade away Hearts mend with time they’ll be whole again someday Together, we’ll be and we won’t fall apart I promise you this just belive with your heart Oh yeah, we’ll be happy again someday I will be missing you When the sun says goodnight And I’ll be longing for you Until morning’s first light And when the wind blows from afar I’ll reflect on the way You hold me so tight I have to have you again, someday (chorus) It’s coming around again I’m sure we’ll find a way To make it last this time There’s got to be a way, someday
My Joy 05:22
When the worries of this life Start to drag me down When it all seems so unfair Then I look to you and hope is found I hope I can count on you When plans go astray And find my joy in you (chorus) My joy always increases My joy never decreases I never fall to pieces When I am near your side My joy never ceases My joy always increases My heart is never left in pieces When I’m wrapped up in your love I look to you When the darkness closes in When I start to lose all hope When my head is in a spin I know I can look to you You’re help in the time of need Because I know you are my friend indeed Chorus You are my true love What a comforter I have in you You are my beloved How my strength is renewed in you You are my beloved My joy is found in you You are my beloved What a confidant I have in you Oh what a beloved My joy is found in you
Sometimes things won’t work out And don’t go our way All we can do is tell them goodbye And pray for a better day When it comes around again Be ready to face the trial That’s sure to come When we’re having fun No need to be in denial (Chorus) And oh, when you fall down Upon the ground I’ll be here for you When you fall down Or about to drown I’ll be there for you Time to pick yourself up now Can’t stay allowing in the mire Tomorrow will be a better day You know you can reach much higher Take my hand my love I’m not leaving you now I’ll walk with you Through the fire This is the day for us to learn how (Chorus)
Only You 04:58
Sometimes alone, I feel myself start to slip away And all I can do is hold out for another day Then the sun comes up and fills my heart with hope The wind rushes to meet me and that always helps me cope (chorus) And I want to fall in love With you I do If I could fall in love With you Only you Without you, I feel my self start to fall apart And that brings out the loneliness inside my heart Then the sun shines bright and makes me wish that you were mine And the wind tells me know its only a matter of time Chorus
Here we are now Waiting for a change Things didn’t go as planned Now we have to rearrange When you’re feeling down you You hope it all will come around And work out for you (Chorus) The tides of change Are headed your way It makes you feel so good Makes you happy again When it all comes around Pick yourself up off the ground Where you go depends on you Where you go is up to you (last chorus) No one knows What tomorrow holds Do your very best See what will unfold No matter what comes our way C’est la vie is what they say We can’t control the world we know
Home Again 04:22
I’m going back To the place I left behind Where the sun shines beauty On everything And I’m going home To the mountains and the fields To the rivers and the deep blue oceans (Chorus) I dream of going back And being home again I’ll stake my claim from where I came And I’ll never go away It’s time to go on back And say goodbye to the old life It’s time to put things right And say hello again To the love I’ve left behind You’ve always stayed the same I’m lost without your light And now I’m coming home again (Chorus) Well, I dream
Hold On 03:21
Come to me Let me see you for you Now show me Show me who you are (Chorus) Hold on Hold on to me my love Hold on Let our love be enough Trust me now Let me take your hand Come with me Let me take you away (Chorus) Hold on Hold on to me my love Hold on Let our love be enough Hold on Hold on to me my love Hold on You know our love is enough We prove who we are In times like this You can feel it in your heart And when we kiss (Chorus)
Without You 04:20
How do I move on now You’ve always been there How can you leave me now It seems as though you never cared I don’t know where to go Or where to turn (chorus) My lift turns round and round As my emotions go up and down Someone come and take it all way I don’t wanna learn to live my life without you It seems as if it’s time To call it a day Time to move on now Time to put it all away To let you go I’m gonna be okay without you Chorus


A combination of new songs and older songs sitting on the shelf fo a long time. Some slower, moody songs and of course some upbeat positive dance songs! A general theme of dealing with the struggles of life and letting love win out in the end.


released June 26, 2020


all rights reserved



Positronic Corona, California

Positronic is electronic music with a positive sound, hence the name, Positronic. It is the creation of Michael McDannold who is influenced by Erasure, OMD, Depeche Mode, Petshop Boys, and New Order. Michael has been making electronic synth-pop since 1988. ... more

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